SECTION B: Items in this section may be ordered directly.








SECTION C: Items in this section may be ordered directly.























must be ordered through your Provincial Command. A minimum of 90 days is required to process a recommendation for Association Awards.


Owing to market conditions, all prices are subject to change; orders will be billed at prices prevailing at date of shipment. Any price reductions will be promptly passed on and we will endeavour to keep any increases to a minimum. Please quote full stock number when ordering.


Prices in this price list are quoted exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax.


Orders will be shipped by regular post. A shipping and handling fee will be applied on all orders. Given the cost of delivery and handling charges, it would be appreciated if small orders were grouped. Customers may request that their order(s) be shipped by express or priority post or courier. The cost of shipping by faster post will be borne by the customer.


Should the goods you ordered arrive short or damaged, report claims to the Regalia Stores of the Dominion Office immediately and we will endeavour to adjust or replace your claim to your satisfaction.

TERMS (net) –

Payable 30 days of the month following. All shipments will be accompanied by an invoice. Prompt payment is imperative to the success of the system. Invoices unpaid by the due date are subject to a late payment charge of 10%. Past due accounts in excess of 90 days will be referred to the Provincial Command concerned to initiate immediate payment. NOTE: When mailing in cheque(s) without the customer invoice, please ensure that the invoice number is recorded on the memo line of the cheque.

The base price does not include shipping and handling charges, lettering charges or GST.

2. Additional lettering required other than the 16 letters included in the base price is subject to an additional charge of $4.50 per letter, for example: double-sided flags would be subject to this cost.

Order Forms

Spirito Shirts:

Particulars for Ordering

Spirito Size Specifications

Order Forms – PDF / Excel

If ordering Spirito Shirts the process is this:
  • Fill in one of the forms above. The PDF form would be printed and faxed in, and the Excel form can be filled in and emailed. Spirito will then price the order- adding tax and shipping charge and send it back to you asking for your credit card info. When you have completed your credit card approval request, just send it back. Once they have verified you, the product will be shipped; OR
  • Call in directly and provide your information over the phone.
To order items from the KITSHOP, please fill out the form below to send us an email with the order information.
Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your order.
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Ordering more items: If you require more items, please add additional Item #'s in the Additional Information Area, along with the quantities of each additional item. Confirmation of the additional items will be provided upon return correspondence.
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Please note: This date may not be possible to meet. We will confirm the ability to fulfill this request upon order confirmation.
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