Colonel Frank Kossa Memorial Scholarship

Colonel Frank R. Kossa Memorial Scholarship

The “Frank Kossa – ANAVETS bursary” is awarded annually in a draw at our annual Board of Director’s meeting. To qualify for the draw, an applicant has to have earned the prestigious Cadet “ANAVETS Medal of Merit” and be entering any year of a University of Community College course leading to a degree or diploma (see note below).

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Frank R. Kossa was a four-war veteran and long-time Indiana Legionnaire who first entered service during the Woodrow Wilson administration. Col. Kossa had served on active duty in every major conflict in which America was involved during the 20th century: World War 1, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
Colonel Kossa was also an active member and Secretary Emeritus of the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans’ association’s United States Unit (ANAVICUS). His close relationship with his Canadian comrades, and his motivation to improving youth through education, motivated him to provide funding for the “Frank Kossa – ANAVETS bursary”.

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