The Purpose and Objectives of the Association

1. To unite fraternally, persons who have served in Her Majesty's armed forces or any auxiliary force thereof or in the armed forces or any auxiliary force of any nation allied to the British Commonwealth of Nations engaged in an active combat zone and persons who support the purposes and objects of the Association, which Association shall be a non-partisan and non sectarian body for the purpose of good fellowship, mutual improvement and assistance, and patriotic endeavour and service to Canada and the British Commonwealth of Nations;

2. To increase the public influence of veterans by organization, by parades and by giving as an entity expressions of opinion upon public questions affecting the rights of veterans or concerning the welfare of the whole or any part of the British Commonwealth of Nations;

3. To stimulate the spirit of patriotism in Canada and promote closer unity and co-ordination within the British Commonwealth of Nations;

4. To assist the British Commonwealth of Nations when occasion requires in enlisting recruits for Her Majesty's forces;

5. To acquire, maintain and operate clubs, homes and meeting places for the benefit of veterans, and to furnish, stock and equip the same with such furniture, furnishings, plants, animals, implements, equipment, appliances, libraries, and means of entertainment and amusement, as may be considered desirable by the Association;

6. To acquire and maintain museums in connection with any premises of the Association for the interest, education, or benefit of its members;

7. To levy upon its members, or upon bodies to whom it has granted charters as authorized herein, fees or assessments from time to time as may be required for the support of the Association and the carrying out of its objects; and to raise funds for the purpose of the Association by such means, with others, as providing entertainment, operating canteens and places of refreshment and amusement; and

8. To assist any of Her Majesty's naval, military naval air forces on active service, by establishments for the rest and comfort of, and as meeting places for those composing such forces.