We are frequently asked to help find relatives, old friends, and information on people or memorabilia that people have found. We hope that the following will help answer your questions.
You must understand as well, that to protect privacy, information is not just given out to anybody that asks. So depending on who you are, there may not be a way of obtaining the information that you want.
Also, we are a Veterans organization, and do not keep any information on anyone within the organizations, or any documents relating to anyone who is or has been a member of the Canadian armed forces.


The easiest way is to search the internet. For a person, go to and put in the person’s name. You may be lucky and find them.
If you know the Regiment/Unit/Ship/Wing that the person belonged to in the military, then search the internet for that unit. Most groups have started a web site to keep in touch. The Webmaster there may help you spread the word, or perhaps the person pays membership dues to receive news on his/her former comrades, and they will let the person know that you are looking for them. See History Department below.
You may also wish to put out an announcement. All Veteran organizations put out a Newsletter, and they usually have a place to send messages to past comrades. Try the Royal Canadian Legion, the Air Force Association, ourselves and other Units or Associations.


There is only one location where you can find information on anyone who has served in the Canadian Armed Forces, and that is with Archives Canada.
In order to obtain information on relatives in the Military after 1918, you must be a Next-of Kin. Click here to see how a Next of Kin can acquire a copy of those records.


Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) send out all of the pension cheques to people who were in the Military. So if the person you are looking for served a minimum of 10 years with the Forces, then they might be eligible for a pension and this group might be able to pass on your request. Their e-mail address is:


The History Department of DND may be able to provide additional information to enable you to track what Unit or Regiment he was with and would enable you to contact that unit, or its derivative and if he had joined the “regimental” Association perhaps there would be some relevant information. This department is better served to help you in this area. There Web site is at

GOOD LUCK IN YOUR QUEST. I hope that the above information is helpful.