Multi-Purpose 17 3/4″ Decal


17-3/4″ diameter

PREPARATION OF SURFACE: The decal can be applied to most clean, smooth
weatherproof surfaces.
Remove any oil, grease and dirt from the application surface using a solvent such as toluol,
xylol, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits or VM&P naphtha. Lacquered surfaces must be rubbed
with mineral spirits or heptanes.
Once the solvent has been applied, wipe dry the application surface with a clean, dry and lintfree
rag and wash with a mild detergent, rinse well and dry again.
APPLICATION TEMPERATURE: For best results, apply the solvent at or above the
temperature of 60F; applications on very warm days should be made in a relatively cool area.
APPLICATION TOOL: The application of the solvent should be applied using a plastic

1. Position the emblem on the desired surface. Mark the edges of the decal with masking tape
or pencil marks where you wish to position the decal, if necessary.
2. Remove one-half of the protection pre mask from the face of the emblem.
3. While holding-up the edge of the decal, carefully squeegee the exposed adhesive onto the
surface from the centre of the decal to the outer edge (the same rules apply for the left hand
4. If bubbles surface, use a needle to puncture the air bubble and press down.
5. If wet when applying, a small amount of mild detergent may be added to the water, but is
not necessary. Windex may also be used instead of water. Be sure to re-squeegee to
remove all water from behind and on the edges of the emblem.
6. Wipe surface with a dry cloth.