Chase the Ace – WINS BIG!

The Portage la Prairie Unit #13 has been running a weekly draw called “Chase the Ace”. The game managed to run for 43 weeks and accumulate to a pot worth $18,235.00.  During this 43 week period we have had a very busy unit on Saturday afternoons.  As the pot got bigger and bigger the line ups at the door to come in also got longer and longer.

The Scarlet Lounge would be full of prospective winners, well players at least…. Our executive and some volunteer members were a great help in making this game a big success.  From Vaughn working the door to Linda helping cook the hot dogs and smokies, the afternoon would be busy with members and guests, playing card games and shuffleboard while waiting for the Meat Draw to begin and then the Chase the Ace to be drawn.  This game helped our unit raise over 75 new members and became the talk of the town.  We heard of places where on Monday morning the staff would talk about the events of the Saturday’s draw and discuss their strategy for the next Saturday.  It gave us a boost of morale that we so desperately needed.  As this event did not need publicity (word of mouth seemed to be enough), we were very surprised when the local paper wanted to come out and see it for themselves. So on Saturday February 11th; with the local paper in attendance one of our members, Kora-Lee Thornsteinson picked the Ace of Spades.  The crowd erupted and many offered congratulations to the winner.

Now that the Big Pot was won we are starting our next game and hope that this game will be as much fun as the last one.

Pictured Far left – Angela Hourie (executive) Betty Roe (president) Kora-Lee Thornsteinson receiving the cheque and family members in attendance.